Help Save The Fourways Bushbabies


Join us in the fight to say ‘NO’ to the development that will destroy their habitat!

The small, nocturnal primates with oversized eyes used to roam freely over vast areas of Johannesburg, but rapid and often disorganized urbanisation has wreaked havoc on their habitats. Sadly, the last few bushbabies living in Fourways are facing the exact same fate.

We are fighting a new development that threatens these small creatures’ home. Known locally as the ‘Bushbaby Corridor’ whereby Acacia Karoo trees were planted (20 years ago) specifically for the local bushbabies as they mainly live off the gum from the trees, as well fruit and insects.

Developers want to knock down the Bushbaby Corridor and build a 13 unit upmarket cluster on a 25 metre sliver of land. The town planner tasked with this cluster home development has said in the formal tribunal meeting, ‘I know the bushbabies will die but that is just how it works!’

We will not stand for that! Please sign our petition and remember to share it far and wide!

Bushbaby Corridor
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